TVB partners with HKBN to enter enterprise market

TVB and HKBN have expanded their partnership to the enterprise market by offering business customers coupons from both companies. Worth up to 50% of their total contract sum for spending on advertising, digital marketing solutions, or telecommunication services, the collaboration will take place next week.

From 1 April 2019 onwards, business customers subscribed to designated HKBN enterprise solutions services including broadband, mobile services, voice, cloud solutions, data connectivity, data facility, and system integration will be given a coupon worth up to 50% of their total service contract. The coupon can be used to pay for advertising fees on AD Booking Manager of myTV SUPER or the Digital Marketing Plan of Big Big Channel.

Meanwhile, business customers who have placed advertisements on myTV SUPER or have chosen the Digital Marketing Plan of Big Big Channel will be given a coupon worth up to 50% of their contract spend. With the coupon, business customers can settle the subscription fee of their newly-added designated HKBN enterprise solutions services.

"The collaboration between TVB and HKBN has brought together strengths of both parties in new media and telecommunication services, enabling business customers to enjoy the premier telecommunication solutions while promoting their brands to target clientele via our highly penetrated new media platforms, my TV SUPER and Big Big Channel, at preferential price," said Mark Lee, executive director and group CEO of TVB.

William Yeung, HKBN's co-owner and executive vice-chairman, concluded, "By expanding the partnership to the enterprise market, we aim to empower companies of all sizes and sectors to enjoy premier telecommunication solutions, as well as the fantastic marketing power inherent to myTV SUPER and Big Big Channel."