Tune Talk admits to creepy CCTV footage being a marketing stunt

Did you catch this post?

You may have really thought there was a ghost at the Tune Talk office if you’ve watched it’s post on Facebook last Thursday (11 August). The video quickly gained traction amongst netizens with discussions on whether or not the stunt is real. Some deemed it “good publicity”, others said:

“I don’t get it tho..why would people think this is marketing??? Its just..paranormal..the reason why Chinese called it ghost month.”

To-date, it has more than 823,00o views and over 12,100 shares.

In a conversation with A+M, Liew Huey-Ling, Tune Talk’s head of marketing finally cleared the air saying this was indeed a marketing stunt coinciding with the Hungry Ghost month.

“I just woke up one day and had this idea in mind. So I went into the office and discuss with a few of my Chinese colleagues,” she told A+M.  Liew said that the whole planning and production took less than two weeks and it only cost Tune Talk RM199 to boost the video on Facebook. The production cost is literally zero as it’s produced by Crap TV, it’s production partner.

Liew added that  the video has gained 97% of organic shares on Facebook, coupled with some other social media sites ripping the video off to be posted on their own site.

But of course, weighing on cultural sensitivity issues- Liew, who’s also a Chinese said she has prior spoken to colleagues to discuss about the potential backfire and not to offend any race in this case.

The brand later released a humorous video featuring several ‘ghosts’ announcing their “FREEky” free calls promotion in conjunction with the Hungry Ghost Festival tonight, running from 12 midnight – 6 am, for all networks.


Liew said audience can expect similar humorous videos in future.

Nicely done Tune Talk.


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