TubeMogul beefs up ad offerings

TubeMogul, an enterprise software company for digital branding, has launched its tablet and mobile interactive advertising solution in Asia. The platform will allow brands to provide enriched content to consumers on personal touch-screen devices. The new solution will also let brands directly target the millions of people that use apps.

TubeMogul Asia managing director Phu Truong added that with the technology brands are able to offer consumers a wide range of creative options, including video galleries and immersive experiences.

Brands can also deliver screen overlays and “as interactive digital video ads are proving to be a powerful way to reach consumers with brand messages, […] brands should tap that channel and deliver rich media campaigns”, he added.

“The digital consumer in Asia is constantly seeking rich and engaging content on their personal devices and interactive ad elements provide brands with a powerful engagement platform,” Truong said.

Brands using TubeMogul’s platform can deploy mobile and tablet interactive video ads and create their own customisable branding experiences that allow them to create ads that take up the whole screen. The touch-screen nature of both devices also provides advertisers with the opportunity for a higher click-through rate into the interactive components of an ad.

“Our research shows consumers are twice as likely to purchase after seeing an ad on their personal device if an interactive element is included in the creative.”