TripAdvisor redesigns app and desktop experiences to be "more informed"

Travel site TripAdvisor has revamped its iOS and Android apps and desktop sites to make searching easier on their platforms.

Enhancements include making it easier to compare and book the lowest hotel prices from more than 200 booking sites as well as surfacing “Best Value” hotels for users to get more out of their dollar. The “Things to Do” and “Restaurants” pages will now also adapt to user preferences to make customised recommendations based on travellers’ previous activities on the site.

The enhanced feature would not only help users to enjoy a more streamlined and consistent experience across various travel categories, but also made it better for the businesses, Aaron Hung, senior director, APAC partnerships, TripAdvisor said.

"Travellers want to make the most of their trip and the redesigned apps and desktop site empowers them with the insights they need to make informed travel choices with a high-level of confidence that they will have a positive experience," he explained.

"With the redesign, we have also made it easier for potential customers to find businesses, and by surfacing the right content at the right time, travellers feel more confident about visiting new places, finding better restaurants and staying at places they might not have otherwise known about."

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