Tribal Worldwide Malaysia retains Volkswagen digital business

Tribal Worldwide Malaysia has retained Volkswagen Malaysia’s digital advertising business after a four-way pitch.

The agency has worked on the business since the Volkswagen Group in Malaysia was established in 2006.

Over the years, Tribal Worldwide Malaysia has seen the brand through several key milestones, by injecting social experience and introducing digital innovations to create one-of-a-kind car launches.

More recently, these launches include that of the Das Auto Show and the iconic Beetle launch. Through seamless integration of heart-warming video content and multi-platform digital engagement, the most iconic car in Malaysia became a hit once again.

Other digital initiatives for the brand include introducing the dealers' website, setting up PartnerNet and a complete website upgrade with a new content management system - all as part of Volkswagen Malaysia’s effort to stay connected and relevant to its consumers “Volkswagen and Tribal has grown tremendously together over the past 8 years. We are very pleased to continue the relationship and deliver good work together.’’ Lola Chin, General Manager of Tribal Worldwide.

This contract will take effect for two years.