Toyota offers HK$20K bounty for “lost” cars

Toyota is offering the general public HK$20,000 worth of rewards for locating two of its “lost” cars, as part of a promotional stunt for the recently launched Sienta and Spade models.

A lighthearted video depicting how the two models disappeared has appeared online, along with a dedicated campaign website to prompt consumers to check out more details about the launch event.

The campaign started with a media alert drawing attention to the stunt, saying:

According to our sources, the two new car models have been entrusted with an extremely important mission by Toyota: to travel all the way from Japan to surprise the hip and fun-loving people of Hong Kong with its striking designs. Sadly however, Sienta and Spade have been lost in action soon after landing in Hong Kong, with their whereabouts unknown after a frantic search by our team. Toyota Hong Kong appeals for everyone in the city to join the car hunt; offering HK$20,000 worth of rewards.

Toyota management team have also participated in the stunt with official comments saying:

“We are both shocked and saddened by the disappearance of Sienta and Spade…As we expect these models to be very popular in Hong Kong, we hope to rally everyone through the power of social media to recover Sienta and Spade as soon as possible.”

Over the weekend, posters of the missing cars covered the busy streets of Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok. It will move to more locations this weekend.

The campaign runs until August.

Creative agency: Uth Creative
Media buy:Carat Hong Kong
PR: Cohn & Wolfe (Hong Kong)

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