Tourism Authority of Thailand 'unboxes' various tourist experiences with new campaign

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has appointed antics@play and The Media Shop (TMS) to support its new campaign, #UnboxThailand. Antics@play will provide digital branding, ad creative and PR support while TMS will provide technological media solutions to maximise TAT’s reach.

The three-month campaign aims to drive awareness of Thailand as a preferred holiday destination by featuring the different experiences that the country can offer. Utilising an integrated marketing strategy, the agency developed a series of travel itineraries catering to different travel appetites: Adventure, Nature, Gastronomy and Wellness. #UnboxThailand is a part of TAT’s bigger marketing initiative “Open to the New Shades”, which is aimed to introduce new travel spots – not just in Bangkok but the rest of Thailand.

Antics@play will also be collaborating with several influencers for this campaign. The influencers will be in charge of their own itineraries and given the liberty to have fun and explore any city of their choosing in Northern Thailand. They will then share their experiences abroad.

The #UnboxThailand campaign draws inspiration from the intention to encourage Singapore travellers to look at Thailand with a fresh perspective. Noting that Singaporean travellers tend to have pre-conceived notions of the places to visit in Thailand, the metaphor of unboxing invites people to go beyond what they know about getaways in Thailand and re-experience the Land of Smiles anew.

According to Shawn Mak, creative director of antics@play, the series of ads is meant to “convince” Singaporeans about what they are “missing out on” and “empower” them to visit the featured areas that they may have never considered before.

“We are honoured and excited to be working with TAT in developing this new campaign. With our previous experience in working with the Singapore Tourism Board, paired with our expertise in strategic digital branding, we look forward in uncovering Thailand’s offerings to more people,” Winnie Pua, managing director of antics@play said:

Jessica Toh, chief executive officer of The Media Shop said: “As a media strategist with experiences in hospitality and tourism, we are equipped with insights, resources and solutions that would support TAT in launching #UnboxThailand. With the campaign’s need to appeal and reach out to targeted audiences, we would be able to optimise and recommend the best strategy to boost the campaign’s reach.”