Top Hong Kong ads of 2017 on YouTube

By communicating useful information with engaging videos, these top ads connected well with locals, especially Gen X viewers (those born within 1960-80s) — whether it's a nostalgic story about HK in the 70s; different looks at retirement and investment fund options for locals; or a classic homemade steamed egg recipe.

The ads’ content-driven themes took full advantage of YouTube viewers’ attention while they are looking for entertainment and inspiration, new hobbies and relaxation, giving them a unique place in the hearts and minds of Hong Kong consumers. Hong Kong viewers are most interested in consuming video content that helps them fulfill their original goal for visiting YouTube.

Let’s look at the ads that made to YouTube Hong Kong ads leaderboard 2017.

1: 強積金「預設投資」已經推出

New MPF policy launched through a local narrative

In sync with introducing its new "default investment strategy scheme", the MPFA launched the “強積金「預設投資」已經推出” ad that spoke directly to its target audience: young people in the city beginning their first jobs and worrying about securing their retirement. A hard-working young guitarist voices this shared concern, while the rest of the ad effectively communicates the new policy and its benefits — all in 30 seconds!

Uploaded by: MPFA
Creative agency: DDB Worldwide Limited
Media: Asia Pac Net Media Limited & OMD Hong Kong

2. 2017 幸福胃的素 : 幫你速效剎停

Common HK issue finds lightness in humorous skit

With end-of-year work stress a shared experience, Fortune Pharmacal HK released a tongue-in-cheek October ad of one office worker’s antidotes against fatigue-related indigestion in the face of overwhelming requests from her colleagues and clients.

Uploaded by: Fortune Pharmacal HK
Creative agency: Red Rabbit
Media: Zenith

3. 渣打財富管理 憑默契 成就創富大計

Storytelling powers the dream behind an investment-focused ad

Investments wouldn’t be the first area that comes to mind when thinking about creative storytelling, but “渣打財富管理 憑默契 成就創富大計” is a moving ad by Standard Chartered HK that proves otherwise. By taking the audience on a 1-minute journey following one person’s life story — from office worker dreaming about cooking to funding culinary school and opening up his first restaurant and starting his family — the bank taps into the shared local narrative of working hard and, with some help, making your dreams come true.

Uploaded by: Standard Chartered HK
Creative agency: TBWA
Media: Carat

4. 齊齊印 齊齊捉 Pokémon聯萌!

Circle K shows that Pokemon’s here to stay

As featured in YouTube Q1 ad leaderboard, Circle K’s 齊齊印 齊齊捉 Pokémon聯萌! has rode the city’s obsession with Pokémon ever since. Local convenience store Circle K encourages Hong Kongers to “catch ‘em all” in this campaign, as would-be Pokemon trainers can use the store’s mobile app to collect and redeem post-purchase stamps, and bring home the full collection of Pokémon dolls.

Uploaded by: Circle K Convenience Stores (HK) Ltd
Creative agency: Uth Creative Group Ltd
Media: PHD Media Limited

5. 全新日立多門變頻環保雪櫃 2017

Locking down on freshness in a fridge demo ad

How do you add freshness to a run-of-the-mill kitchen appliance ad? By walking the audience through a 3-step demo of its best features, complete with visuals and engaging hosts who can speak to real concerns of viewers looking for a trusty home appliance. A winner from its Q3 leaderboard, Hitachi wins in launching their brand new product in the “全新日立多門變頻環保雪櫃 2017” campaign.

Uploaded by: Hitachi HK

6. 突破一切!零框架限制

The top winner for Q3 leaderboard, China Mobile Hong Kong shows how speedy their 4G network is through creative visuals and WhatsApp - every Hong Konger’s must-have messaging app.

Uploaded by: China Mobile Hong Kong
Creative agency: Stunz
Media: Carat

7. Cathay Pacific – Connecting the World to Sevens Fun

Cathay Pacific plays to a major international event on home turf, the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, while showing how connected the airline keeps its Hong Kong fans with the world.

Uploaded by: Cathay Pacific
Creative agency: McCann Worldgroup HK - Cathay Pacific Central Team
Media: McCann Worldgroup HK - Cathay Pacific Central Team

8. 抓緊現在,海洋公園40周年微電影!(主演:原島大地)

Ocean Park created a micro movie to go with its 40th Anniversary celebrations which surrounds Hong Kongers’ childhood memories, reminding us to keep creating good moments with friends.

Uploaded by: Hong Kong Ocean Park
Creative agency: METTA Communications and COT Film Production
Media: dentsu X Hong Kong

9. 史雲生教室 [香滑蒸水蛋]

This short recipe ad by Swanson Broth & Stock is an example of a great execution idea for non-skippable ads, reaching Hong Kong audiences with a well-loved local recipe with their product that’s easy for everyone.

Uploaded by: Swanson Broth & Stock - Campbell's
Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Hong Kong
Media: Wavemaker Hong Kong Limited

10. 如何慳電慳錢又幫到人?蔣志光為你飛身示範!

A great example from CLP Hong Kong on partnering with local influencers to give local consumers a public service announcement that’s both informative and fun.

Uploaded by: CLP 中電
Creative agency: Bones Communications
Media: Zenith