Top 10 YouTube ads that entertained Malaysians this CNY

Google Malaysia has released the top 10 Chinese New Year YouTube ads which caught the attention of consumers. From Watsons and RHB Group to Hong Leong Bank and Tenaga Nasional, these has have without a doubt entertained Malaysians in the lead up to the Year of the Rat.

In a statement to A+M, YouTube's spokesperson the Chinese New Year ads are popular with Malaysians because of what they represent - compelling and relatable slices of festive life.

Some tug at the heartstrings, most are filled with laughter, but all are packed with human stories wrapped in quality production.

Did your favourite ad make YouTube's list? It's time to find out!

1. Watsons Malaysia

The spot centres on the tensions and misunderstandings between two different generations in the same family, with the twists expressed in Chinese opera styling and singing. Interestingly, the hero who manages to bridge the barriers for both generations happens to be the family’s youngest child, performed by Sawyer Leong.

2. Tenaga Nasional

The four-minute video features Bryan who receives a package at work from his mother after informing her that he is unsure if he will be returning home for Chinese New Year. The package turns out to be a VR headset and when turned on, transports Bryan virtually back home to participate in the celebrations with his family.

3. Prudential

“Noodle Noob” features the owner of a humble noodle restaurant attempting to teach and pass down ancestral secrets of the art of noodle-making to his teenage son. Despite many attempts, the son fails at making the noodles causing feelings of disappointment in his father. Yet, the reserved son begins to apply his digitally driven and innovative mindset to the situation, taking on a twist towards the end of the video.

4. Astro

Astro got viewers in a festive mood with its catchy new Chinese New Year tune!


In the three-minute spot, the female protagonist is seen seeking donations on behalf of an old folks home. She encounters the same guy several times and persistently asks him to donate but he refuses. Frustrated, she rebukes him for being stingy and unwilling to help those in need. Later on in the video, the female protagonist finds out why he did not donate.

6. Coway Malaysia

The three-minute spot features a young boy who attempt so stay up late in the days leading up to Chinese New Year. He also creates a device which sprays water in his face every time he dozes off. His actions puzzles his family but it was eventually revealed that he was trying to abide by a Chinese custom, which states that the longer the young ones stay up on Chinese New Year's Even, the longer the elderly live.

7. Hong Leong Bank

Done in collaboration with m/SIX Malaysia and Naga DDB Tribal, the video features a little girl who aspires to sit at the adults’ table during reunion dinner. She starts strategising ways to make it happen very early before Chinese New Year by mimicking her aunts and uncles as a way to prove that she is an adult. The video has a heart-warming ending where the little girl is allowed to join adults’ dinner table.

8. Grab

The three-minute film was uploaded on its YouTube channel on 7 January, and features a Chinese family that is preparing for the Chinese New Year celebrations. The mother in the film orders the other family members to run some errands, but these errands are deflected and land on “Little Bro”, the youngest member of the family. Little Bro eventually learnt the art of Tai Chi (a type of Chinese martial arts) and deflects all the tasks to the Grab app.

9. RHB Group

The film takes viewers back in time to when Chef Leah had just begun her baking journey, unravelling the heartfelt motivation behind her display of perseverance despite having to learn baking from scratch and failing multiple times in the beginning.

10. SP Setia

Chinese New Year traditions and celebrations have evolved over the years. While some traditions have been forgotten in place of new ones, some have remained unchanged. There is no one way to celebrate the new year but SP Setia wants consumers to remember that however they do it, they should always celebrate together with their families.

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