Top 10 YouTube ads of Q3 2017

Hong Kong’s most popular ads this quarter were all short and sweet with seven ads coming in under 30 seconds.

Leading the 2017 Q3 Hong Kong YouTube ads leaderboard is China Mobile Hong Kong’s 4.5G service plan video with 496,574 views. Coming in at the number two spot is Hitachi’s new multi-door refrigerator commercial with 421,883 views.

Riding on the trend of TVB’s popular romantic comedy My Unfair Lady, Nestle’s ice-cream brand Dreyer’s teamed up with creative shop M&L to star the odd couple Jessica Hsuan and Frankie Lam again in the video that serves as a mini extension to the programme, and snatched the third spot in Q3.

When serving digital ads, the tech giant said capture your audience’s attention quickly by offering valuable, relevant information, especially for on-the-go mobile viewers who account for 50% of the Hong Kong audience.

Here are the top 10 YouTube ads in Hong Kong:

1. China Mobile Hong Kong

2. Hitachi

3. Nestlé

4. McDonalds HK

5. Giordano


7. Sony Xperia

8. Avène

9. Whirlpool HK

10. MTR Hong Kong

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