Top 10 Raya ads on YouTube that had Malaysian consumers hooked

Brands have been releasing a slew of ads in the lead up to Hari Raya, revolving around common themes such as unity, family, forgiveness, love and gratitude.

With the Holy Month of Ramadan coming to a close soon, let us sit back and take a look at the top 10 YouTube ads that have captured the attention of netizens this year.

1. Celcom Axiata

Celcom brought back its famous five for its latest Raya spot titled "Kasih 5 Sekawan". The YouTube video, which garnered 1,197,010 views at the time of writing, focused on Hasnah who got into trouble at school. She eventually ran away from home to her grandparents' place, as she felt that her stepmother does not love her. The video ends with the message "Love keeps us together, understanding brings us closer".

2. F&N

F&N's video, which garnered 1,553,550 views on YouTube at the time of writing, revolves around a jobless protagonist who struggles to put food on the table. With Raya around the corner, he continues his job hunt so as to be able to celebrate the upcoming festive season. The young son tries to ease his financial burdens by running various errands for neighbours, before handing the savings over to his father.

3. Lazada Malaysia

Lazada Malaysia's "Buah Hati Raya" video shows a loving elderly couple who go out of the way to express their love for each other. The husband, upon seeing that his wife is experiencing back aches after having sewed several clothes for Raya, decided to ride his bike to the city to purchase a massage chair for her. Meanwhile, the wife has been sewing plenty of clothes to sell them on Lazada so she can earn more money and refurnish the house in time for Raya. The video received 3,299,169 YouTube views at the time of writing.

4. Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines' Raya video revolves around the theme of Malaysian Hospitality. It tells a story about a little boy who plans to welcome a new family member from a different race, who is celebrating Hari Raya with them for the first time. With the help of his neighbourhood friends, he surprises the family with an extravagant display of lights, which quickly takes an unexpected turn. He then learns that the smallest gestures make the most memorable hospitality. The video received 2,569,309 views on YouTube at the time of writing.

5. McDonald's Malaysia

The 30-second video shows different shots of consumers digging into its new Nasi McD, providing viewers with an autonomous sensory meridian response experience with the slurping and crunching sounds of crispy chicken. The video garnered 1,622,027 views on YouTube at the time of writing.

6. OPPO Malaysia

OPPO took the opportunity to remind consumers that no matter how small, every good deed brings about change. Its Raya video, which had 1,336,947 views on YouTube at the time of writing, features three people who encounter different challenges of their own, making them feel lonely and miss their loved ones. However, those around them decided to lend a helping hand and help them overcome their challenges.

7. Pizza Hut Malaysia

Pizza Hut's Raya music video, featuring Malaysian singer Elizabeth Tan, encourages consumers to celebrate the festive season with family, friends and neighbours, and share moments of sweetness over a pipping hot meal from Pizza Hut. The video accumulated 1,785,429 YouTube views at the time of writing.

8. Ribena Malaysia

Mulling over what drink you should break fast with? Ribena Malaysia's 20-second video shows a family breaking fast with a jug of Ribena and a Ribena-flavoured pudding. The spot garnered 1,429,888 YouTube views at the time of writing.

9. Tenaga Nasional

Accumulating 2,233,717 YouTube views is Tenaga Nasional's "Rumah Epik Fantastik" spot, which features the male protagonist Arif dreading Raya and calling it "A week without privacy". True enough, it gets rather chaotic at home when his relatives arrive and his room is in a mess. But despite this, Arif is grateful that there will always be enough food at the table for his family and relatives each Raya.

10. Yakult Malaysia

Yakult Malaysia's spot features three siblings who went home for Raya. Like all siblings, their competitive spirit arises upon seeing one another and they get into trivial squabbles every now and then. The spot garnered 1,525,708 YouTube views at the time of writing

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