Top 10 most discussed brands among Hong Kong millennials

WeChat Pay is the most positively talked about brand among millennials in Hong Kong, according to a new analysis.

YouGov has released the latest ranking list of the YouGov BrandIndex, measuring whether a respondent (within 18 -34 age group) has discussed a brand positively with friends or family (whether in-person, online, or through social media) in the past two weeks.

WeChat Pay, the digital wallet provider, topped the YouGov rankings with a score of 65.8. It is ahead of its competitor Alipay HK which was in the third place (61.9). While fast food chain McDonald’s secured the second place (62.2). Fashion brands featured prominently in the top five with Uniqlo was fourth (61.5), sports goods brand Nike was fifth (58.6) and Adidas was sixth (58.1).

The top ten was completed with TVB in seventh (57.3). Retail outlets HKTV Mall and Mannings came in eighth (56.6) and ninth (56.0) respectively, while accommodation platform Airbnb rounded out the top ten (55.9).

Ervin Ha, YouGov’s head of data products said, “Shopping seems to be the focal point of Hong Kong millennial discussions, be it fashion brands, shopping centres or methods of paying for their purchases. WeChat Pay has come up on top, managing to harness the power of word of mouth recommendations amongst younger Hong Kongers.”

YouGov has also published its top ten improvers, which brands have experienced greatest uplift in positive word of mouth over the past 12 months among millennials. ICBC(+12.3) is the brand with the most improved word of mouth, followed by Listerine (+11.2), Burberry (+9.6) and Cathay Dragon (+9.5).