Tony Fernandes gets unwanted attention due to fake news

AirAsia has issued a statement denying claims that its group CEO Tony Fernandes (pictured) will be resigning to enter the financial technology sector. This came after screenshots of a CNN Tech article titled "Tony Fernandes leaves AirAsia, jumps on financial tech", made its rounds on social media.

The hoax article stated that Fernandes would be quitting his current job to "free up more time for a new company that he thinks will change the world more dramatically than AirAsia, QPR and Catherham F1 ever could".

In a press statement, the company advised members of the public and media to disregard screenshots of the story. AirAsia added that Fernandes remains committed to AirAsia and will continue to oversee its strategic direction and business operations.

Meanwhile, Fernandes has also denied the claims, tweeting that he had many scams on him and described this as "the best fake news". He added that AirAsia is making a huge investment in fintech, with some "very valuable assets" on their way.

Fernandes was also the victim of fake news in 2016, when get-rich-quick schemes advertisements on social media showed him revealing his secret of making as much as US$300 (RM1240) per day from home. As a result, AirAsia also issued a statement stressing that Fernandes did not endorse those advertisements.