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Tony Ahn & Co. launches StarNet micro endorsement platform

Local hybrid agency Tony Ahn & Co has introduced a pioneering service that can help brands leverage star power on social media.

Called StarNet, it is a new micro endorsement platform that connects brands with digital influencers who are paid to share information about the company, its products and events through their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The potential result of this strategy can be staggering, with a network of Philippine TV & radio personalities, singers, movie stars and noted bloggers attracting and engaging an audience into the millions.

Comedian Vice Ganda, for instance, was named by Twitter as the country’s biggest influencer in 2013, generating buzz that have lead to over a million retweets and 3.4 million followers.

Aside from whooping reach, StarNet’s results are measurable. Clients are given access to up-to-the-minute results, including reach and impression data most marketing directors expect to see.

The service has seen promising interest from the industry. It has recently completed a campaign for Mentos and is currently working on a project for KFC.

Tony Ahn & Co. said prices start at P10,000 per tweet with a three tweet minimum, and can go up over P50,000 per tweet for some of the most popular influencers. Influencers don’t really have a rate card, with prices based on a number of factors including familiarity or whether they see that being associated with the brand can help their career.

Inquiries about StarNet, pricing on specific influencers and the entire process can be directed to Tony Ahn & Co.’s business development manager Cherish Acosta at

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