Tokopedia humanises delivery boxes this Ramadan, encourages consumers to reconnect through giving

Tokopedia has unveiled its Ramadan ad encouraging people to reconnect with their relatives through the act of giving, a gesture that has always been an important part of Ramadan culture. Done in collaboration with Flock Creative Agency Jakarta and Directors Think Tank, the two-minute ad features characters dressed up as Tokopedia packages. The ad follows them on their journey to be delivered to consumers in Indonesia, regardless of how far apart they may be from the sender. Through the ad, Tokopedia aims to spread the message that although Ramadan this year may feel different, it will be an unforgettable one with Tokopedia. 

The creative idea comes as the Indonesian government decided to ban "Mudik", the annual tradition where people return to their hometown ahead of Eid al-Fitr. As Tokopedia looks to preserve the spirit of togetherness that is Ramadan, they have created special Ramadan parcels to encourage consumers to give this season. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out for additional information.

Rajay Singh, co-founder, director, Directors Think Tank said: "We wanted to capture this spirit of giving in a warm and charming way that avoided any overt slapstick humour. Our ultimate goal was to make people smile and feel happy and warm inside when they see the green boxes. So rather than treat them as cold inanimate objects devoid of any personality, we brought them to life through [the box characters]."

Chevie Law, co-director, Directors Think Tank, added that it was a big challenge due to the remote shooting. "What I really like about this film is the essence of humour, but yet keeps the human touch and the bitter sweet feeling," Law said. 

Earlier this month, delivery competitor Grab Indonesia also launched a space-themed ad in line with Ramadan. The ad, which runs for over two minutes, features a four-member crew on a spaceship venturing in space during Ramadan. The ship is then hijacked by aliens, who take away all their resources such as food, transport, and groceries. Left in despair after the aliens left the ship empty, one of the crew members then produced a button with the word "Grab" on it. With a push of the button, all the ship's resources were instantaneously replaced with Grab's various services such as Grab Mart, Grab Food, Grab Express, and Grab's ride-hailing services. 


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