TMG partners with REX to bring US luxury properties to the Chinese audience on WeChat

Property trading service platform REX Real Estate has partnered with The Momentum Group, the WeChat marketing agency in the U.S, to extend a technology driven immersive home buying experience to the fastest growing luxury property buying market in the world.

REX is utilising next generation VR technology to provide an immersive property search experience to potential buyers who could be thousands of miles away. The luxury buyer can then schedule a meeting with a REX associate directly on WeChat.

"REX is committed to helping our sellers market to audiences across the world," said Elizabeth Reams director of digital marketing at Rex. "We're pleased to partner with The Momentum Group to strategically enter the China Market on WeChat."

The Momentum Group has launched the REX account on WeChatify, enabling marketers to access WeChat specific information like user attributes and location to refine and optimize their social marketing strategies.

"The marriage of luxury and technology has been converging for years. This partnership between TMG & REX unleashes the power of WeChatify to the Chinese luxury buying market on WeChat," says Jeff Fish, head of client strategy at TMG.