TMG enters IPO deal in Sweden

The Marketing Group (TMG), a holding company that currently consists of majority Singapore founded digital businesses – Black Marketing, Creative Insurgence & One9Ninety – and one UK based company Nice&Polite listed on Nasdaq First North, Sweden

The group (TMG) said its first emission draw an over subscription of 314% and an enormous volume of shares traded – 333,000 shares traded on day one.

Jeremy Harbour, executive chairman, The Marketing Group said the ‘agglomeration’ model is the best approach for small businesses that want to scale but retain control of their individual operations.  Companies are selected to be part of the group, only if they are free of debt, run by leaders in their fields, and have a strong reputation and impressive CV – the aim is to let businesses owners keep doing what they do best – namely be entrepreneurs.

“These small companies are often founded and run by experienced entrepreneurs who have previously worked with giants in the sector. The ability to raise capital or scale quickly is difficult when you are a small business – The Marketing Group provides a platform that allows good businesses to serve more clients,” Jeremy Harbour, Executive Chairman, The Marketing Group said.

Singapore was chosen as the test bed for the agglomeration model and the base for the first phase of businesses to join The Marketing Group because the environment is hugely favourable towards entrepreneurship and business in general. Singapore has strong Government support and incentives; and the right Geography – sitting between East & West - that offers companies a truly global outlook.

This supportive market environment means companies have the agility, talent and strong balance sheet to make them desirable for this type of model.  The three businesses chosen combine specialist digital marketing skills, ranging from expert LinkedIn positioning, video content creation, branding, brand activation and high volume lead generation.

“The encouraging Singapore environment and market conditions make it possible for companies to innovate and grow whilst remaining relatively debt free – a perfect storm for the agglomeration approach – and for sparking global market interest.” says, Jeremy Harbour, Executive Chairman, The Marketing Group.

The Marketing Group was incorporated in May 2015 with the purpose of gathering successful marketing businesses under one roof. During the first quarter of 2016, the Company acquired four companies within the marketing sector; One9Ninety (social media), Black Marketing (LinkedIn marketing), Nice & Polite (creative content) and Creative Insurgence (brand activation).

The Company comprises a series of independent marketing teams, each with specific expertise and innovative services.