Tim Cook quietly plugs in AirPods Pro on Twitter profile shortly after release

Apple CEO Tim Cook has done it again. Cook has been stealthily stirring up buzz for the company’s newly-released AirPods Pro following a quiet update of his Twitter profile picture. If you missed it, well, you aren’t alone. The image is nearly identical to the one he had before, except for the subtle addition of AirPods Pro in Cook’s ear.

Cook seems to have mastered the art of being subtle,  and this is not the first time Cook has shown his cheeky side on Twitter. In March, Cook also quietly changed his Twitter name to Tim Apple (with an apple emoji), after US President Donald Trump addressed him as such during a panel discussion.

The AirPods Pro was launched on Monday, featuring active noise cancellation and immersive sound in a lightweight, in-ear design. Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP of worldwide marketing said in a press release that the one-tap setup experience, incredible sound and iconic design have made AirPods the “best-selling headphones in the world” and the addition of AirPods Pro is “taking the magic even further”.  While that remains to be seen, Apple fans have been quick to share their first impressions of AirPods Pro on social media and most of them has to do with its shape. Featured among the memes include Pokemon, Star Wars, Plants vs Zombies, and Sesame Street characters, who are said to bear an uncanny resemblance to the new product.

In September, social media users also had a field day with the release of iPhone 11. The phone’s triple-lens “slofi” camera drew attention for being a nightmare for those with a fear of holes, also known as trypophobia. Several brands also jumped on the hype to roast the triple-lens camera on social media.

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