Tim Apple gaffe by Trump sees the Apple CEO raking in positive sentiments

Tracing back to Friday's laugh on the Tim Apple saga, US President Donald Trump has clarified on Twitter that referring to Apple’s chief executive officer Tim Cook as Tim Apple was to "save time and words".

While the tweet might be Trump's attempt at damage control, Cook on the other hand was raking in love and positivity from netizens. According to Meltwater statistics, there were positive sentiments across social media platforms - especially on Cook's side, given how he stealthily changed his Twitter name to Tim Apple (and yes, it is still Tim Apple as of now).

From 4 March to 12 March, the word cloud showed that key wordsearches were "cook", "tim", "trump", "tim apple", "apple ceo", "donald trump" and several other variations.

tim apple

tim apple3

tim apple4


Meanwhile, on the emoji leaderboard by Meltwater, the laughing emoji ranked the highest (47.2%) among the others widely used on social media. This was followed by the apple emoji (17.7%), orange emoji (16.4%) and clapping emoji (2.5%). The activity around the gaffe was mainly on Twitter as well.

And just in case you missed what the drama was all about, we've got you covered. After a panel discussion with the American Workforce Policy Advisory last week, netizens and media outlets were quick to notice Cook replacing his last name with an apple emoji on Twitter. Trump had during the session mistakenly called Cook as “Tim Apple”, to which Cook remained calm and collected about, not giving any inclination of a reaction.

The move also garnered the attention of Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump where she responded with laughing emojis. Netizens also put their own spin on Cook's name change.