TikTok extends Clicks Communication’s remit as it eyes growth in SEA

TikTok is expanding its remit with Clicks Communication across Southeast Asia. Clicks Communication will work closely with clients and creative agencies in sharing best practices and insights of the platform. Clicks Communication also provides a full suite of services to clients who are keen tapping onto the TikTok platform—these services include creative production, content strategy and web development.

Having over 15 years of experience in the media industry under his belt, GM of Clicks Communication, Dan Wong has seen its evolution since the beginning with print up to digital and mobile. Having steered media and magazine brands such as Marie Claire, OK! Magazine, JUICE, STUFF, KLUE, JUNK, Telco & Mobile Solutions, Friendster and MSN, he now embraces the popular shift towards user-generated content and places significant value on the willingness of users to participate on TikTok.

Wong said, “Tik Tok reminds me of the early inception of social media such as Friendster and Facebook. Back then, I remember getting calls from brands and agencies who had a hard time getting people to participate in video contest. Now, TikTok has completely changed that. TikTok users are very active, creative and bold. They are driving engagement in different level.”

The platform offers many opportunities for user participation. ‘Challenges’ involves a specific challenge/duet being posted that invites users to compete in making the most popular clip, and allow brands feature celebrities and influencers who can participate in these challenges and inspire content creation among users from their TikTok video clips.


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