Tiffany & Co. takes over New York, turns iconic yellow cabs blue

Jeweler Tiffany and Co. paints New York City blue to celebrate the launch of the new Tiffany Paper Flowers™ jewelry collection and the upcoming “Believe In Dreams” campaign.

Tiffany will be filling the streets of New York from May 1 with Tiffany Blue® coffee carts, serving complimentary special brews and croissants. The iconic yellow cabs are transformed to the brand’s trademark robin’s egg blue. BMX bikers and skateboarders will stage freestyle tricks, wearing the same shade as well.

In addition, some subway stations will even receive a Tiffany Blue® treatment and dispense limited-edition Tiffany and Co. MetroCards. Bodegas will have buckets of paper flowers. The famous Atlas clock at the Fifth Avenue flagship store will transform into a digital screen with behind-the-scenes footage and vignettes from the campaign film.

This is to celebrate chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff’s first jewellery collection for Tiffany and Co. The theme revolves around the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s scene where Holly Golightly stands in front of a Tiffany window with a coffee and croissant.

In preparation for the launch, Tiffany’s Instagram page vanished on April 28 and posted in black and white on its other social channels. On May 3, Tiffany came to life with bold hues and a full look at the new campaign. The campaign came hot in the heels of the hire of Reed Krakoff. Krakoff is known to have pushed Coach into the limelight in the fashion industry. According to The New York Times, he was hired by the brand last year as chief artistic director “to overhaul the iconic jewellery brand's design, attract younger shoppers and reverse an extended sales slump.”