The future of entertainment, as told by Mindshare

Experts from global entertainment brands confirm the trend in entertainment to be moving from a passive viewing audience to a global platform that is audience enabled.

Mindshare has released "Culture Vulture Entertainment–inspiring original thinking through a deeper understanding of cultural trends” which predicts ten cultural trends that brands need to look out for if they want to survive in this digital age.

The cultures according to Mindshare are as follow:

  1. Collective Curation - consumer navigated entertainment
  2. Press Play - gaming to new audiences and to new activities
  3. Immersive Layered Entertainment - environmental entertainment
  4. Feast for the Eyes - visual images to simplify stories and evoke the senses
  5. Real Deal, Craving - credible talent and live experiences (seeking authenticity)
  6. Unplugged/Plugged In - turning off and on technology
  7. Social Entertainment - fun groups and group decision making
  8. Snacking & Bingeing
  9. Local Talent - celebrating and grooming local talents
  10. There’s New Business Like Show Business

If those swanky terminologies make no sense to you, let's just sum it up by saying there's a high demand for interactivity among audiences in today's world, and it is wise to bear on the responsibilities to create, almost customise, marketing platforms to fit the needs of the consumers.

Culture Vulture is a research series that offers a global snapshot of current and emerging cultural trends. The objective of the report is to deliver fresh insights to brands, helping to inspire fresh strategies.

Catherine Williams, partner - strategy at Mindshare Asia Pacific said, "People have power to adapt their entertainment instantly by choosing to curate, binge, turn off or collect. Content now has competition and it's consumer control. If brands want to continue to play in this space they need to be on their A game because the consumer is spoilt for choice."

Do you think Mindshare has got it right?