The Trade Desk officially launches platform in China

The Trade Desk has officially launched its programmatic ad buying platform in China.

The technology company will now allow multinational brands access to China’s millions of connected consumers via the Trade Desk platform. This includes the use of first-party data and the utilization of partnerships with Chinese media companies including Baidu Exchange Services, iQIYI, Tencent Marketing Solution, and Youku. The platform also features reassuring integrations with leading data, brand safety and anti-fraud partners.

“The Trade Desk’s independence, objectivity, and global reach were important reasons we partnered with them,” said Benson Ho, chief data strategy officer at Tencent Marketing Solution. “Our audience, scale, and insights, combined with the transparency, reach, and control offered by The Trade Desk’s platform ensures that innovative marketers can understand and engage with consumers in China throughout their entire journey. We value our partnership with The Trade Desk and the benefits it will provide both of our companies as well as brands around the world for years to come.”

This official launch follows a beta version in late 2018. The Trade Desk has been testing the delivery of multi-channel campaigns in China for brands in multiple sectors, including hospitality, luxury retail, education, food and beverage, and biotech.


“We believe so much in the opportunity in China and are excited to work with our clients and partners to bring it to life,” said Jeff Green, CEO and founder at The Trade Desk. “We have made a significant investment in the country over the past few years and are confident in our ability to be the trusted programmatic partner to help multinational brands grow in China and around the world.”

This launch isn’t entirely surprising - considering China’s massive market importance - despite continued reports of a large-scale economic slowdown in the region. Web data analysts, Hosting Facts claim that the country hosts 20% of the world’s internet users. The Trade Desk’s own commissioned study conducted by Forrester found that 92% of global marketers believe China is a significant growth opportunity for their business.

“Working on behalf of global brands, we are able to leverage The Trade Desk’s platform to cost-effectively engage with business audiences in multiple markets, including China,” noted Krish Sailam, SVP, global programmatic services at DWA, a Merkle company. “Utilizing a single platform allows us to successfully execute a global, multi-channel campaign and to consolidate campaign management and insights reporting.”

There are still concerns for brands engaging with China; IP theft, data security, and ad fraud being among them. The Trade Desk’s reputation and position as a reliable third party ad-buying partner should give them a strong position to attract advertisers to its platform.

“The Trade Desk enabled us to consolidate our client’s global marketing initiatives onto one platform, giving us control over a complex and fragmented media landscape across markets, devices, and channels,” said Ivelise Grazziana, managing director, Neo U.S.  “The platform’s data-driven insights help inform strategy and allow our team in New York to plan, buy, and execute for our global brand clients around the world – including reaching audiences in China.”