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The Star gets snappy

Smart devices are once again at the centre of attention after The Star launched its new iSnap application with some advertisers, allowing readers to interact with ads and news articles.

Brands on board the offering so far include Prudential, Canon, Toyota, Mah Sing, Shell, Heineken, SenHeng and UOB, whose ads were “iSnap-ed” starting yesterday.

For Shell, it was an innovative way to communicate with customers as the feature allows customers to watch its new global TVC and links them to its YouTube channel and global contest and product information.

Yu Li Ching, brand manager for Shell lubricants, told A+M, “This new function allows the readers to have a deeper level of engagement with our advertisement and also take the brand experience to a higher level.”

“The launch of the iSnap function came just at the right time, in line with our new Shell Helix 2012 launch (which took place on 12 April). We also just launched our global Shell Helix YouTube channel, the first brand to do so, and the iSnap function supports this very nicely,” Yu added.

Lexus also hopped onto the iSnap bandwagon to create brand awareness and to reach out to potential consumers who are in the process of making a decision to buy its product. The brand sees this as a crucial step in securing a potential customer.

“By using iSnap, it helps increase the ROI of our ad in terms of expanding the boundaries of what information can be included in a full-page ad. This is a very good initiative by The Star in bridging the connection between traditional and digital media,” said Too Woon Shim, brand building department, marketing division UMW Toyota Motor.

Through the Lexus GS print ad, appearing from now until 22 July, readers will be able to view the product video, pictures of the Lexus GS and register their interest with it.

“A single print ad can now be a showcase of all their marketing and promotional efforts – TV and radio commercials, contests, product catalogues, store locators,  contacts, queries, responses, orders, survey forms – the possibilities are really broad and varied,” said Davin Arul, general manager of new media, Star Publications Malaysia.

Star publications is leveraging on The Star Online as a promotional platform alongside Twitter and Facebook.

iSnap is the next in digital offering by The Star after its e-paper service, which allows readers to read The Star newspaper via smart devices, and The Star Mobile app.

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