The Spark Awards Hong Kong open for entries

The Spark Awards is back for the second year to celebrate Hong Kong’s top media companies and their work across the fields of content, client engagement, new media and programming initiatives.

The awards recognise the most innovative, creative and effective campaigns and strategies spanning Hong Kong’s entire media industry. This includes the critical areas of audience engagement, acquisition, content, research, events, programming and technology.

New categories in areas of outdoor innovation, partnership and retention strategies have been added to reflect the dynamic industry landscape.

The achievements of talented media teams across commercial, creative, content and subscription areas will also be celebrated.

The best performing media brand and media owner at the awards will be crowned the title “Media Brand of the Year” & “Media Owner of the Year”.

See full list of categories here.

Matt Eaton, editor of Marketing Hong Kong, said Hong Kong media owners have made a lot of effort to innovate and create high quality content for their clients and readers in past year.

“It’s a very exciting and dynamic time for media companies and we strongly think this should be celebrated.”

Entries closes on 8 May 2015 and a Gala Awards Dinner will be held on 17 July with a who’s who of the industry’s best and brightest.

Full details about the awards can be found here.

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