The relevance of influencer marketing in the age of social media

This article is sponsored by X10 Media group.

Influencer marketing has recently become increasingly popular and an essential marketing tool for businesses as one of the most effective and trusted forms of word-of-mouth marketing.

Word-of-mouth used to be very manual, but with the help of social media, it has become more streamlined – with just a few snaps and clicks, everyone will know what you want them to.

This is especially effective, as most people spend a huge amount of time and attention on social media. In turn, influencers are able to elicit engagement with their audiences effectively and create awareness for brands, products or services.

Micro influencers or key opinion leaders (KOLs) have a following that has interest in similar engagements, products and services with themselves. They can open doors to various marketing opportunities. For instance, a micro-influencer is an avid-music lover with a following that positively moves with the posts and engages actively. A headphone company could potentially tap on this KOL in the best possible way of a product review, posts and even calls to action.

Micro influencer campaigns involve picking the right KOLs for your campaign, the right products/services to feature, lead times for a campaign set-up, the right angle and strategy to execute a successful influencer campaign and how the product/service should be best served.

This is then represented in postings, with the right call-to-action to use and the right kind of promotions to drive sales and engagement.

In conjunction with its third-year anniversary, X10 Media launched its latest campaign to involve more brands to experiment and give influencer marketing a shot with its “introductory micro-influencers marketing campaign”.

It serves as a platform to gauge how micro influencer campaigns differ from other means of marketing platforms available, with a SG$300 price tag for the first 300 companies.

This is the first and only time that brands and companies can engage an influencers campaign at such an exceptional rate, at The campaign period ends 31 May 2019.

Group CEO of X10 Media Group, Sky Lim, explains the rationale for this offer: “Almost everyone in the business and marketing world is already aware of micro-influencer marketing. However, many companies who haven’t experienced it might be uncertain of the ROI that influencer marketing can bring to their business.

“Hence, it’s time for us to be the change maker in the influencer marketing industry by launching exceptionally low rates for the masses to experience this widely talked about marketing channel.”