The Body Shop fights animal testing with new campaign

The Body Shop has launched a campaign - "Forever Against Animal Testing" - in partnership with non-profit organisation Cruelty Free International to ban animal testing in cosmetic products and ingredients globally. Cruelty Free International is an organisation that works to end animal experiments.

In a statement to Marketing, Jessie Macneil-Brown, senior manager international campaigns and corporate responsibility, The Body Shop, said the company plans to gather at least eight million petition signatures for the cause before sending them to the United Nations.

The Body Shop's spokesperson said the campaign is currently running in 66 countries globally where the company operates, including Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong and will end in 2018. It intends to bring this campaign alive at Orchard Road, with more details to come later, according to the spokesperson. Word of Mouth Communications is the PR agency for this campaign.

The company said it has gathered 246,672 petition signatures globally as of 9 June 2017, eight days after campaign's launch.

Macneil-Brown said: "The Body Shop passionately believes that no animal should be harmed in the name of cosmetics and that animal testing on products and ingredients is outdated, cruel and unnecessary. With an international law enforced, consumers would finally be confident that any cosmetics they buy are cruelty free."