Tesla’s sales in China triples to US$1bn

US electric car maker Tesla tripled its sales in China in 2016, according to the company’s latest filing.

In its annual report, Tesla said its sales in China jumped to US$1.06 billion from US$318 million in 2015.

China is now the company’s second largest country market after the United States, where the company recorded sales of US$4.2 billion last year. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that China will become its largest market in the future.

Tesla had a rough start when it started selling its cars in China in 2014. Several delays and bad perception on charging options led to poor sales that persisted through 2015.

In order to localise its cars better, Tesla later launched higher-end options like “executive rear seats” geared toward Chinese car owners that have drivers.

The turnaround of Tesla’s Chinese fortunes has been driven in part by the company’s robust expansion and commitment to adding charging points.

Although China is comparable in size to the US, it has overall fewer Superchargers.

The 114 Tesla supercharger stations in China amount to only 14% of all global Supercharger stations, which is important because Tesla Superchargers provide added value when a Chinese consumer decides which EV to purchase.

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2003, the company has been seen as a “disrupter” in the traditional auto industry and is one of the leading electric car maker.

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