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Tenet Sompo Insurance launches branding campaign

Tenet Sompo Insurance has launched a campaign which aims to raise greater brand awareness about its offerings among the PMETs through its attention-grabbing visuals.

Tenet Sompo takes on the execution by using visuals augmented with 3D effect using “trick art” concept at the Ocean Financial Centre exclusively marketed by SPHMBO.

To further enhance the brand message in a fun and engaging way, audiences are encouraged to pose and take photographs, tag with #TenetSompoInsurance and upload to their Facebook account.

Stella Tan, chief executive officer at Tenet Sompo Insurance said, “This is a bold and out-of-the-box campaign that not only pushes our brand message, but also pulls the audience to ‘interact’ with our brand and be part of the campaign.”

She added that the brand intentionally moved away from a typical advertisement with models posing in a nice setting but opted instead to wow the audience with larger-than-life objects.

“Through this campaign, we hope to remind individuals and companies not to be caught in unexpected situations without the right protection,” she added.

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