TENA partners with BBDO to lift the lid on a rather sensitive subject

TENA has partnered with BBDO Malaysia to create a campaign that encourages conversations about incontinence, which affects at least 1.5 million Malaysians. It shows children and their parents both wearing TENA Pants for the first time to demonstrate its functionality and for the children to understand what their parents are going through.

Since its posting, the video has garnered 1.7m views, 9.2k reactions, 1.2k shares and 475 comments on Facebook at the time of writing. Similarly, it has garnered at least 899k views on YouTube.

According to a statement from BBDO, the video aims to “highlight the emotional and physical challenges people go through when they have incontinence” while “equipping caregivers with a conversation starter and a piece of shareable content so that the process of managing incontinence can begin.”

Debby Ho, senior marketing manager for TENA, said, “Incontinence is not something people talk about and it can become even harder when it’s a family member. We wanted to reach out to our consumers and show them how our brand understands them and offers a solution.”

Farrah Harith McPherson, general manager at BBDO Malaysia, added, “We worked with TENA to create a piece that straddles the emotional and the practical, so that viewers feel understood and empowered. This spot achieves that objective.”

The BBDO team that brought this to life includes Lim Wee Ling Niamh Spurr, Lila Talitha, Rafiq Ridzwan, Syaza Abdul Rahman, Abdul Hadi, Kenny Ng, Hugo Pacheco and Lucas Yap.

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