TeamAsia launches its first weekly podcast filled with bizz-worthy content

TeamAsia, an award-winning integrated marketing experience agency from the Philippines, recently launched a weekly podcast entitled B2B: Breakfast 2 Business. Hosted by managing director Bea Lim, B2B: Breakfast 2 Business aims to take on morning conversations about everything under the sun, including insights, business solutions, and innovative ideas to conquer challenges.

“We believe that the best ideas are born during early morning chats and conversations. We have an opportunity to talk about musings and business, and come up with ideas and solutions when faced with different challenges. All that between having your first cup of coffee of the day and having your first meeting through this 20-40-minute podcast,” said Lim.

TeamAsia also wants to empower listeners by discussing the latest trends, sharing ideas and tools of the trade, and creating personalized next-level experiences for partners, brands, and other leaders of the industry.

B2B: Breakfast 2 Business already premiered its first three episodes: “The Productive Woman” with TeamAsia president and founder Monette Iturralde-Hamlin discussing a brief history of the company, learnings from the SARS outbreak in the early 2000s, and applying them to the current COVID-19 situation; “The Great WFH Experiences” with multigenerational employees sharing how they coped with working remotely in the previous weeks; and, “Our Top Picks” featuring a number of TeamAsians and their top picks on entertainment, music, literature, and social media during quarantine.

“To keep things fresh and light as we navigate through this situation, we’re shaking things up for our listeners by diversifying our content to stay true to how morning conversations go. We have topics on reimagining the future, crisis management, digital marketing strategies, music, a get-to-know-you with our TeamAsians. Who knows, maybe we’ll even take in calls,” shared Lim.

B2B: Breakfast 2 Business happens every Monday on Spotify, Google Podcast, and YouTube.