TBWA\Worldhealth launches in Asia starting with Singapore

TBWA has opened TBWAWorldHealth in Asia, choosing Singapore for the launch in the region. Tapping into the growth opportunities in the healthcare and wellness sector, this move expands TBWA’s scope of expertise, allowing the agency to innovate healthcare communications using its proprietary Disruption methodology.

The office hopes to create healthcare advertising that is more creative, personal and human. Projects are already underway. Last month the agency won an Asia Pacific disease awareness project for Amgen, one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies who delivers innovative therapies to patients suffering from serious diseases. The campaign will help improve awareness of the seriousness of fragility fracture and call for the need to address its underlying cause of osteoporosis.

Projects are underway and Dan Paris, regional business development director of TBWAAsia, will lead the development of the new offering as TBWAWorldHealth looks to expand in the region. According tot he release, as modern technologies increasingly transform healthcare with better access and information for consumers, there has been a significant growth of interest in personal health and wellness in Asia.

This ranges from devices for monitoring fitness and diet, to personalized medication and supplements schedules.As healthcare and wellness converge, TBWAWorldHealth will embrace new innovations within the sector and leverage these leading-edge advances to help clients drive growth.

“Healthcare and wellness advertising is increasingly about reaching and engaging consumers directly, whilst also communicating to professionals, patients, payers, and other health stakeholders in a coordinated way,” Ian Pearman (pictured), president of TBWAAsia said.

“With TBWA’s disruptive approach and understanding of culture, we have a lot to offer in serving this dynamic market, and helping drive 21st century healthcare with a new level of creativity” he added.

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