TBWA\Tequila gets viral with patchwork ad

TBWA\Tequila Singapore has launched a viral follow-up to the award-winning print campaign for Photolibrary which it claims will be the world's biggest ad.
The campaign involves a custom-built Flash application that lets the viewer create his/her own special piece in the ad with name and details and be submitted as part of the final patchwork - which it says makes it the world's biggest ad.

The objective is to spread the word to the ad community that royalty-free images offer plenty of scope for creativity.

"We've already had over 300 creatives taking part, which is encouraging as it only officially launched last week. And looking at some of the entries, I can safely say there are some very twisted people out there," Graham Kelly, ECD of TBWA Singapore, said.

Photolibrary will be exhibiting the final creation as mammoth posters at trade shows and advertising festivals complete with credits of all the people who took part.

The campaign can be viewed at http://www.theworldsbiggestad.com