TBWA\Hong Kong launches new commerce offering zooming in on HKTVMall


TBWA\Hong Kong has launched a new commerce offering in partnership with sister agency The Integer Group. TBWA\Commerce will leverage Integer’s eCommerce expertise to center its offering around eRetail on HKTVMall.

Jan Cho, managing director, TBWA\Hong Kong shared that surprisingly, the Hong Kong eCommerce landscape is less advanced than most developed countries when it comes to eCommerce. This is because of its prolific and highly concentrated retail presence - which previously provided the unchallenged shopping convenience.  

“But COVID-19 upended the landscape and gave rise to a late, yet rapid eCommerce boom from direct to consumer (DTC), social commerce to marketplace,” said Cho.

Meanwhile, HKTVMall is one platform which has benefited significantly with the marketplace's gross merchandise volume (GMV) more than doubling to HK$5.95B (almost US$800M) in just a year and is still climbing.

Despite the speed in development, marketplace commerce remains unfamiliar territory for many Hong Kong brands, said TBWA. And like many eCommerce platforms, HKTVMall has its own layers and set of rules that might feel foreign to marketers. 

Anne Chan, head of digital and commerce, TBWA\Hong Kong, said “HKTVMall is a fantastic platform for brands.  Its volume of traffic, diversity of customers, promotion support and online-to-offline (O2O) presence are second to none in the region. Its recent release of open data bank (ODB) is a treasure filled with very valuable data for brands to find growth.  And of course, it takes more than tools to win against the fierce competition on the platform.”

Chan added that the team has spent a great deal of time learning the inner workings, hidden codes and rules of the platform.  “With the help of Integer's expertise and the amazing suite of tools from HKTVMall, I believe we’ve cracked the codes,” said Chan.

The opportunity to partner with Omnicom’s growth and commerce agency, The Integer Group, to launch TBWA\Commerce immediately elevates and strengthens TBWA\Hong Kong’s commerce capability, centering around HKTVMall, said the agency.

Integer is focused on driving business growth through retail marketing, ecommerce and social commerce, connected commerce media, brand communications and activation, retail experience design, and technology and innovation, all fueled by its proprietary intelligence platform, growth sciences. The agency’s clients include world leading brands like AT&T, FedEx, Frito-Lay, Michelin, Nestlé, P&G, PepsiCo and Starbucks.

“We’re in a fortunate position to have the expertise of Integer in our family to fast track and elevate our capability, knowledge and our Hong Kong specific skill set,” said Cho. “We’ve tried and tested our methodologies we’ve developed with actual businesses on HKTVMall, which have proven to be very effective. We’re confident we can advise any marketers to boost conversion, and the impact would usually be seen in a matter of months.”

TBWA\Commerce, sits alongside other specialised offerings to provide full-funnel support to brands, namely, Disruption\Consulting (data-led business planning), DxD (design & experience planning) and BOLT (in-house film production).  The commerce offering will pioneer in Hong Kong but planning for expansion across other APAC markets is already underway.

Terence Ling, head of strategy, TBWA\Hong Kong: “TBWA\Commerce completes the growth puzzle for brands. By applying our Disruption principles, investigative approach towards data and our instinctive entrepreneurialism, we’re able to help brands conquer commercial opportunities like never before.

Ling added that while the immediate focus is on HKTVMall, brands can access TBWA’s ePlaces offering to map the growth strategy across the digital ecosystem.

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