AlipayHK joins HKTVmall prior to e-voucher scheme

AlipayHK has inked a partnership with HKTVmall as it will be joining the online shopping platform. 
Riding on the rollout of the government’s e-voucher scheme, AlipayHK said that it hoped to help stimulate Hong Kong’s economy, benefit customers and boost the development of mobile payment in Hong Kong.

To celebrate its onboarding, AlipayHK will allow its users to redeem exclusive vouchers for HKTVmall which allows customers to enjoy a 10% discount.

“We’re glad to collaborate with HKTVmall and hope to leverage the opportunity from the e-voucher scheme to speed up the development of Hong Kong’s e-commerce and mobile payment,” said Venetia Lee, general manager, AlipayHK, Macau & Taiwan.

“This collaboration will better serve our users and help SMBs in Hong Kong to stay afloat during the pandemic as many of them have joined HKTVmall before,” she added.

According to AlipayHK, online sales only accounted for 7% of the total retail sales in Hong Kong, lower than that of 20% in China. The company believes that there is much room for online sales to grow here in the city, in addition to the goals of stimulating e-commerce and the development of mobile payment.

“This collaboration will help both HKTVmall and AlipayHK to acquire new customers and enhance the customer conversion rate,” commented Zhou Huijing, chief executive officer (Hong Kong) of HKTVmall.