TBWA Singapore makes a stand for employee welfare

As a move for better employee welfare, TBWA is offering long-term care family benefits to all its employees, a first for Singapore agencies, claims the agency.

TBWA\Singapore will absorb the full cost of setting up specialised live-in caregiving services, as an integrated part of employment benefits, with the aim of easing employees’ financial burden and mental stress.

Currently a fee of $1,800 is required to engage a professional caregiver including work permit, insurance, settling in programme, medical check up and a monitoring tablet that comes loaded with a caregiving plan.

In a partnership with Active Global Specialised Caregivers, an agency providing professional in-home care services at affordable rates in Singapore, the TBWA\Singapore benefit extends to family members with long term and complex needs such as stroke, dementia, cancer and bed/wheelchair-bound patients.

The caregivers are equipped with specialised skills and are carefully matched to families, depending on the level of support needed, to ensure the best possible care for their patients in the comfort of their own home.

TBWA\Singapore’s chief operating officer, Alrick Dorett, said:” “While our employees will pay the monthly salary, the set up fees can act as a barrier. This is a first step in acknowledging that our employees often juggle huge responsibilities with elderly parents, and therefore we wanted to do something that offers them peace of mind. It ensures that there are now alternatives to costly private nurses and professional care without having to put anyone’s parents, or grandparents, away in nursing homes.”

“As an employer, TBWA understands and tries to reduce such financial and mental stress, and we hope other companies will adopt this as well,” he added.

This is yet another move by agencies to balance employees’ work-life balance in an industry known for its excessive work hours and often poor work life balance.

Saatchi & Saatchi in Hong Kong also recently introduced a 6.45pm cut off time for working as well.

[Image by Shutterstock]