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TBWAKuala Lumpur has partnered 1 Malaysia for Youth (1M4U) for the “Road to Merdeka” campaign.

The four-week campaign enables the public to discover the sacrifices, fears and musings of Tunku Abdul Rahman and other founding fathers, and events that happened from 1954 all the way to the declaration of Merdeka.

It tells the story of how a group of men came together, united in their belief that this country was ready for self-governance and freedom via Twitter and Facebook.

The idea came about after a discussion regarding the ubiquitous image of Tunku Abdul Rahman declaring ‘Merdeka’ at Stadium Merdeka.

“We imagined what it would have been like to be in their shoes. The tweets not only recount the events, but they serve as their inner voice, letting followers know what went through their minds as things unfolded,” said Sa’ad Hussein, chief creative office of TBWAKuala Lumpur.

The team wanted to show that The Tunku and the other founding fathers were just like any ordinary people by revealing information that people may not necessarily know like how the Merdeka delegation stopped negotiations so that they could all go to Wembley to catch a football game.

The campaign relies heavily on word-of-mouth and unconventional promotional methods such as guerrilla wall tagging, as well as covering a part of the Sungai Klang wall with a Road to Merdeka graffiti.

The contents for the Road to Merdeka campaign have been researched and sourced from various books and websites, as well as the National Archive (Arkib Negara) and Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Tunku Abdul Rahman and the other founding fathers can be followed on Twitter via @TunkuMerdeka, @RazakMerdeka @THTanMerdeka, TanCLMerdeka, HSLeeMerdeka, DrIsmailMerdeka and VTSamMerdeka.

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