Tat Hui Foods picks branding and design partner

Tat Hui Foods has appointed Sparkle Design Agency as its branding and design agency to strengthen its KOKA brand across the region. The agency is tasked to support Koka’s regional and global expansion.

According to the agency, Sparkle Design has been roped in to developed all marketing mix of Koka’s brand including brand strategy, brand architecture, packaging identity and brand activation, for the entire Koka offer and new product development. The agency has already been working with Tat Hui Foods for two years and the new contract is for a period of three years.

The agency is also working to development of a new website for KOKA which will launch January 2016

Shiang Lim, marketing director for Tat Hui Group, said: “I am impressed by Sparkle’s passion about brand building and they have helped us develop effective brand strategy and design to support our business objectives. The agency is one of our most reliable partners and we will not hesitate to recommend them. “


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