[Updated] Tam's shop to be acquired by Japan-based Toridoll Holdings

Jointed-Heart Catering Holdings Limited, operator of local Yunnan noodles restaurant chain Tam's Yunnan Rice Noodles (譚仔雲南米線) , has been confirmed to be acquired by Toridoll Holdings for likely JPY$ 15 billion (about HKD$1 billion) , Japan Economic News reported. The move will mark Toridoll's largest acquisition since its establishment.

The Hong Kong noodles restaurant chain was established in the 90s, and renowned for its Yunnan-style rice noodles. It currently has over 48 restaurants in Hong Kong, according to its Facebook. For its most recent results, its sales came to about 10 billion yen.

Toridoll Holdings , operator of Japan's udon restaurant chain Marugame Seimen, currently has 890 restaurants in Japan and 340 restaurants overseas. According to the news, Toridoll is keen to open more Tam's shops in Hong Kong. The company also plans to bring the local chain into China.

More details of the deal are expected to be announced this week.