Taipan launches tale about warriors, but it's really about their iconic snowy mooncakes

Mid-Autumn Festival promotions are everywhere now. Local bakery and cake shops are exercising their creativity to promote various types of mooncakes - and Taipan produced a warrior tale to introduce their snowy mooncakes.

Taipan redesigned three snowy mooncake boxes this year. The advertising , based on puns of Cantonese, sparked off with ‘three boxes (三盒)’ which has similar pronunciation to ‘three warriors (三俠)’.  Also, ‘snowy (冰皮)’ is similar to the pronunciation of ‘weapon (兵器)’.

The idea of the advertising are tensions between three warriors, but it's ended with a surprise twist, where a popular character (霞姨) in King of Comedy is featured.

“The storyline was a non-conventional way for the festival promotion, which is always family-oriented. It also reflects our brand personality of being pioneer and innovative in the mooncake market by using unexpected advertising and communications,” said Pauly Lo, marketing manager of TaiPan Bread & Cakes Co., Ltd.

A 90-sec video commercial was created with cut-downs aired across the internet, OTT platform and terrestrial TV. Launched on 3 August, the video on Taipan's official Facebook page has recorded more than 3,600 views until today.