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Swire to launch Taikoo Place accelerator

Swire Properties announced the launch of the website for blueprint, a Cornwall House co-working space hosting start-ups participating in the property giant’s new accelerator programme, today.

With a total area of 20,000 square feet, the aim of blueprint is to support entrepreneurship in Hong Kong and nurture a culture of innovation and creativity in the TaiKoo Place business district, where many marketing and advertising agencies are located.

The blueprint accelerator will provide ten selected B2B technology start-ups with work space, mentorship and professional support to help them test product-market fit, acquire customers and attract investment.

Each accelerator programme will last for six months with the first one launching in January 2015.  Applications for the first accelerator programme will be available online in November, until 20 November, with a B2B focus being the only fixed criterion for eligibility.

The ten start-ups can enter the co-working space free-of-charge.

“This project is about injecting a burst of tech-focused creativity and innovation into the business community at TaiKoo Place,” Don Taylor, Director of Office at Swire Properties, said.

The blueprint mentor network currently includes over 30 top executives and entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, including senior managers from Swire.

In addition to the accelerator, blueprint also contains a co-working space designed in an open configuration to encourage collaboration and accommodate a wide range of events.

It is intended to be a shared workplace specifically for startups and entrepreneurs in the tech industry.

As with the accelerator, there will be a competitive application process to select a maximum of 300 members at any one time, who will enjoy the facilities for a monthly fee.

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