SUTD unveils design and AI course for 'a new breed of talents'

The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) will be offering a new degree programme in Design and Artificial Intelligence (DAI) in 2020. The institution claims this course marks as "the first of its kind in the world".

According to SUTD, there will be a demand for more AI talents who can combine expertise in design innovation with AI technologies and the DAI degree programme aims to "address the need for a new breed of talents with these specific skills". Students who take up DAI will be exposed to areas of design such as user interface/user experience, product, systems, built environment, and data-driven design. The DAI degree programme is a 3.5-year (eight-term) degree programme.

The course covers topics such as the use of AI technologies and algorithms to produce design and applications. It will also include computational predictive modelling of long-term urban growth for scenario-based optimisation of city planning designs. Graduates from this programme will be prepared for jobs such as AI solution architects, data scientists, and data visualisation specialists, among many others. These roles can be found in industries such as urban planning, product design, service industries, deep tech companies such as telecommunications.

SUTD president, professor Chong Tow Chong said the recent announcements from Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat on the next steps in Singapore’s Smart Nation journey underscores the importance of artificial intelligence and the role it will play in bringing about social and economic benefits.

"Hence, SUTD’s new DAI degree programme is timely and appropriate. The main goal of DAI is to equip students with the ability to create human-centred design using data analysis and machine learning, which is AI-driven. We are essentially nurturing the next generation of leaders and talents who will be able to harness AI technologies to better the world by design,” he added.

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