Suria KLCC uses social media to attract holiday shoppers

Suria KLCC has merged online and on-ground activation activities in effort to attract more shoppers during the holiday season.

The centre court of the premier shopping mall has been decorated with a traditional English home, complete with its very own fireplace, to the theme Coming Home for Christmas. Shoppers are encouraged to upload their photos snapped at the temp home onto their social media accounts via hashtag #suriaklccxmas, #suriaklcc, #cominghomexmas.

The digital team of Suria KLCC will then select 150 creative photographs whereby the chosen photographs will be tagged with a Christmas present photo on Instagram, redeemable for the gift at the mall.

Fartini Zaharuddin, public relations and communications manager of Suria KLCC said that it decided to add on a social media element as a means to reach out to and engage a broader spectrum of consumers.

“In this age of connectivity, shoppers love to share their shopping experience, purchases and activities with families and friends. It is a completely new way of keeping in touch and sharing.”

The month long social media campaign is aimed to bring together traditional marketing and promotional activities with online initiatives.

“We are building a complete consumer programme while engaging shoppers at different levels according to their respective preferences,” said Zaharuddin. “By adopting this pronged approach, we are also complementing and adding value to the various promotional efforts currently undertaken by our retailers.”

This social media campaign was undertaken by Creative Unicorn, a social media and digital marketing agency.