Superbrands survey: Milo ranked most favourite brand in SG

Milo has been ranked Singapore consumers’ most favourite brand, beating Singapore Airlines and Visa, which came in second and third respectively, according to the the latest brand survey from Superbrands conducted by research agency BDRC Asia.

Golden Village, the only other homegrown brand ranked among the top ten, came in at fifth, while Grab made the ranking for the first time at seventh.

Singapore’s Top Ten Favourite Brands 2017:
1. Milo
2. Singapore Airlines
3. Visa
4. 7 Eleven
5. Golden Village
6. Watson
8. MasterCard
9. Samsung
10. Nippon

Mark Pointer, CEO, Superbrands attributes Milo’s ranking to its longstanding market presence in Singapore and high visibility, not just in stores but also through promotional activities. “It also exists in a category where it doesn’t have a huge number of direct competitors. I think that when you add all these elements together, Milo enjoys very high level of top-of-mind awareness across a broad spectrum of consumers and this is being reflected in the survey,” Pointer added.

For Pointer, the real surprises were the appearance of Golden Village and Grab. He said that Golden Village has done a “superb job” of building their brand in recent years, such as expanding the number of screens, differentiating itself from competitors with the introduction of Gold Class, as well as showing a broad cross-section of films. As for Grab, Pointer added that the great strength of the brand is that it offers great service and a broad range of services which are highly appealing to the majority of Singapore consumers.

“Not only that, it has also brought people into the brand franchise as drivers. In a city like Singapore where getting a cab in the rain used to be often difficult, Grab has transformed the market,” he said.

According to Piers Lee, MD of BDRC, the survey results is evident that the brands have achieved “remarkable standing” with Singaporean consumers.

“How a brand resonates with its audience and the extent to which the brand remains relevant in order to maintain brand loyalty is crucial. Great brands such as the brands in the Superbrands top ten list consistently deliver on this and that’s why consumers identify with them and think of them as their favourite brands,” Lee added.

The survey was conducted between 8 and 19 of September 2017, identifying over 500 of Singapore consumers’ favourite brands across 107 consumer product and service categories. The brands were then ranked according to the greatest number of consumers identifying the brand as their “favourite brand”.

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