Sunsilk fits mirrors around bus stops to promote great hair

Unilever and Mediacorp’s OOH Media collaborates have launched a new campaign promoting Sunsilk new shampoo series.

To publicise and create extensive exposure for the Sunsilk’s shampoo series, Unilever worked closely with OOH Media on a creative 6-sheet outdoor panel that aims to attract and engage its target audiences.  100 units of OOH media’s 6-sheet outdoor panels were fitted with a mirror and a key message “Incredible Hair Everyday With New Sunsilk”. The campaign’s creative work was done by The Alchemy Partnership and the media agency is Mindshare Singapore.

Passers-by can check their hair during the course of the day, to see if it is still as fresh in comparison to when they first started the day. The key message on the panel helps to bring out the difference Sunsilk can make as it promises to help maintain incredible hair throughout the day. The creative idea helps to support Sunsilk’s key message as it is natural human behavior to have a quick mirror check whenever a mirror is in sight.

To reach out to female aged 16-35, Mediacorp OOH Media carved out a network based on its segment targeting insights for Unilever. These 100 creative panels are located at areas highly targeted at their desired demographics. Aside to the creative bus shelter panels, additional 200 static 6-sheet posters were bought to help garner maximum exposure for the new product launch.

Yun Qing Choo, brand manager for Sunsilk in Unilever Singapore said, “We wanted to capture our key target audience’s attention by engaging them at a relevant point of time. At the bus-stop shelters, people would probably be going to their next destination and would want to ensure they are looking presentable. That is when we catch their attention with a creative execution of a mirror, accompanied with the message that Sunsilk can help them keep their hair looking incredible.”

Henry Goh, head of OOH Media said, “By integrating the understanding of human behavior and daily routines into novel advertising concepts, we are able to help deliver the client’s key message and product features in a fun and engaging manner to their targeted audience.”

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