Sulit is now

Local buy and sell portal is now known as following its partnership with Cape Town-based OLX Network announced in December.

Since this morning, the website has been redesigned complete with new colors and logo with the copy “OLX by Sulit.” The name OLX is originally an abbreviation of the phrase online exchange.”

The move confirms the consolidation of the #1 and #3 online classifieds sites in the country, joining forces to consolidate both companies’ hold on the Philippine online classifieds market.

Sulit co-founder and CEO RJ David.said that the new name aims to “inspire Filipinos to re-think what they know about Sulit, and to re-think what they have to sell online.”

“The objective of changing our name to OLX is to get the attention of every Filipino that now’s the time to make some changes of their own and join the millions of people around the globe like in India, Brazil, and Portugal, who have already used OLX to sell their things,” he adds. will add new features to the site alongside the rebranding exercise, which includes an iOS version of the Sulit Android app and a beefed up customer support services.

OLX is no stranger to such partnerships. Back in 2009, OLX entered a similar tie-up with social network hi5 to capitalize on their steadily growing user base. The network’s classifieds is used in over 106 countries in 40 languages.