Strongbow looks for strongest virtual hunter

Strongbow has created a new hunting game on Facebook, called Strongbow Apple Hunter, in reaching out to young urban consumers.

Developed by G2 Direct Interactive, the app took inspiration from Strongbow's history, the fact that it's the UK's best-selling cider and that there are over 50 different varieties of culinary apples used to make Strongbow.

"Strongbow is named after the Cambro-Norman knight Richard de Clare, later Earl of Pembroke, nicknamed ‘Strongbow' for relying heavily on Welsh archers during campaigns in Ireland," said Tai See Wai, marketing manager for Strongbow.

The Facebook application itself requires users to download the free iPhone app, use the QR code scanner within it to scan the QR code on Facebook, which then syncs the iPhone to the Facebook app.

The phone is then used as a bow to fire arrows at apples on the screen and users need to hunt for as many apples as possible within a given time.

Tai adds that while the mechanics of syncing the phone to the PC for such a game is not new, Strongbow is the first beer brand to use such mechanics to engage with its consumers.

This Facebook initiative comes shortly after its ‘Jazz Me Up' Facebook app, which was done in conjunction with Strongbow's sponsorship of the Borneo Jazz festival mid this year.

"This is part of our digital and social media initiative where we aim to have a more direct connection with our young, urban audience who are generally very digital savvy," said Tai.

Introduced just last month, the app will continue to be available as long as its fans are still actively engaging with it, said Tai.