STRIP reveals sexy hygiene tips in new campaign

Hair removal spa STRIP has launched a new campaign – Dirty Little Secrets Exposed – to encourage hygienic habits for its consumers.

STRIP’s Dirty Little Secrets aims to educate the public of the three hygienic standards of hair removal treatments which is 1) using a new disposable razor for each customer, 2) making sure that each customer receives a fresh towel and 3) ensuring that all therapists are gloved up during treatment.

To reinforce the new campaign’s message, STRIP introduced three cheekily-inspired characters to remind its customers of what to look out for during and before each treatment: The Cheating Razor, Two-Timing Towel, and Exposed Hand.

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In line with the new campaign, STRIP’s Hygiene Packs have also been updated to look like coloured condom packets. Every customer at will receive a sealed Hygiene Pack containing all the tools needed for their treatment, such as disposable wooden spatulas, a disposable razor cartridge, a pair of disposable latex gloves, wet wipes, cotton pads, cotton buds etc.

The campaign was created inhouse.