Stores stop cigarette sales for a day

Stores cease tobacco sale 

Close to 145 provision stores, supermarkets and coffee shops ceased the sale of cigarettes on Friday. Major supermarket chains such as Cold Storage, Giant, Sheng Siong and NTUC Fairprice also joined in the suspension of tobacco sales as part of World No Tobacco Day. Retailers that voluntarily supported the movement displayed posters to cover their tobacco display. Customers will receive Blue Ribbon Magnetic Bookmarks instead of cigarettes. The initiative is aimed at highlighting the negative health effects of smoking, according to the Straits Times.

MediaCorp tells its story 

MediaCorp has launched ‘My Story' campaign to collect memories from Singaporeans to preserve its heritage and legacy of broadcast media. ‘My Story' aims to document the history of Caldecott Broadcast Centre before MediaCorp moved to the new campus. In the months ahead, MediaCorp will introduce various programmes across its television channels, radio, print and  digital  platforms for Singaporeans to  reminisce and recollect their memories. The memories will be collected via ‘My Story' website at in three different formats - photo, video and audio.

Panadol jumps on board SMRT's digital screen 

Panadol joined SMRT's second Digital Screen @ Raffles with a new product, its first time on the digital platform. Panadol launched its 2-in-1 Cough & Cold Relief product on the two large format screens located at both sides of the MRT entrances and exits. While Mindshare was the media agency behind the campaign, Grey Group handled the creative. The entire campaign started at the end of May.

mig33 goes into showbiz 

Social platform mig33 has added on capabilities to reach out to its user-base in Indonesia through its Artist of the Month program.  The programme allows artists or celebrities to reach our to the platform's 35 million registered users (numbers according to mig33) to build fan reach and engagement by having their music and activities available across all throughout mig33 platforms as well as receiving extra exposure on its media partners platforms. AMPM is mig33 Artist of the Month of June 2013.