STB picks PR partner for Indonesia market

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has picked Klareo Communications as its public relations agency for its Indonesia office, following a pitch in October. The agency will be providing PR consultancy services for STB Indonesia for a total period of two years with an option to extend up to another one year. This starts from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2021.

The pitch saw 13 other agencies vying for the account. This includes Crimson agency, PRecious Communications, Edelman Indonesia, Bewe Kharisma Komunika (BW COMMS), Impresi Perdana, Indo Ad (Ogilvy), Inti Pratama Manggara (IPM), Komunika Cergas Ilhami, Royston Advisory Indonesia, Trancia Global Komunikasi, Wira Pamungkas Pariwara (Verve), Indo Cognito and Mitra Cipta Kreatika (IMOGEN).

In a tender document seen by Marketing at that time, the PR agency is required to assign a senior consultant and support staff to handle STB’s account. The objectives of engaging a PR agency and subsequent marketing communications strategy and plan is in a bid to build awareness, consideration and advocacy of Singapore as a travel destination.

The agency is also be tasked to strengthen STB Indonesia’s influence with key media (both traditional and online) as well as key opinion leaders (KOLs)/bloggers and digital influencers. It also aims to strengthen Singapore’s destination presence digitally in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs to name a few.  The agency will also be heavily involved in the sustenance of a destination marketing campaign. It will have to work with the core creative and digital agency teams to evaluate on how to further amplify its messaging for its sustenance campaigns and integrate PR into the sustenance campaigns plan. In addition, it also has to provide PR support to amplify some of the creative ideas.

It will need to provide STB Indonesia with strategic counsel with regards to all of its media and public engagement initiatives. This includes developing marketing communications strategy as part of the annual marketing communications plan to dovetail with STB’s business objectives for the market. This includes the amplification of Singapore’s destination brand “Passion Made Possible”.


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